NO on-site registration or ticket sales!


By filling the application form, a registration fee of HUF 10 000 must be paid, which is included in the participation fee!

Our members of the SWLT Association, as well as those new participants who receive an invitation after the checking process, can pay the fees before 20th April in installments or in one amount!

The participants who registered after 20th April and receive an invitation after the checking process, can pay the fees only in one amount.

If the registration fee is not paid, your registration will be canceled on the 5th day!


The participation / support fees (season tickets for whole festival) cover the full four days of the festival (4 nights), daily tickets cover 24 hours (9 a.m. – next day 9 a.m.)

Includes: Welcome package, Participation on Programs, Venue, Wellness, Sauna sessions, organization fee and of course all other costs of the Festival are covered from these payments – advertising, printing costs, fuel, volunteers, and performers, invited guests, decoration, sound equipment, event tents, rubber sheets, washing etc. etc. etc.…


The support fee (price of tickets) is NOT refundable within 30 days before the event!


Registration is under the name of participants, non-transferable!


By paying the contribution fee, you do not purchase any rights to touch, sexual approach or have sexual interaction!!!



Valid Thursday (30. June) from 10 a.m. to Monday (4. July) 10 a.m.

(accommodation and meals are not included, please scroll down to review these cost elements)


FESTIVAL TICKET EARLY BIRD – Paid in advance who register until 30th of March:

  • Couples: HUF 95 000 / 4 days
  • Solo men: HUF 80 000 / 4 days
  • Solo women: HUF 40 000 / 4 days

FESTIVAL TICKET – who register after 30th of March

  • Couples: HUF 115 000 / 4 days
  • Solo Men: HUF 100 000 / 4 days
  • Solo Women: HUF 50 000 / 4 days



29th June – WEDNESDAY: Wednesday 2 p.m. – Thursday 10 a.m. (on day zero, the Hanky-panky venues, the wellness area and the swinger community are provided, but there is no organized program yet)

  • Couples: HUF 10 000 / pair
  • Solo Men: HUF 10 000 / person
  • Solo Women: HUF 5 000 / person


30th June – THURSDAY: Thursday from 9 a.m. to Friday 10 a.m.

1st July – FRIDAY: Friday from 9 a.m. to Saturday 10 a.m.
2nd July – SATURDAY: Saturday from 9 a.m. to Sunday 10 a.m.
3rd July – SUNDAY: Sunday from 9 a.m. to Monday 10 a.m.

  • Couples: HUF 50 000 / pair / day
  • Solo Men: HUF 50 000 / person / day
  • Solo Women: HUF 20 000 / person / day


SWLT Association VIP Member discount: – 10%



Additional Fees and Costs not included by Festival / Daily Tickets:

Accommodation fee: You can choose from several options – 4**** WELLNESS HOTEL rooms with 2 or 3 beds (limited, up to 65 rooms), but you can also come with your own tent or caravan. These are all within the event area. 🙂

  • hotel rooms: HUF 17 000 / pers / night
  • with your own caravan: HUF 4 000 / pers / night
  • with your own tent: HUF 2 700 / pers / night

+ TAX HUF 350 /pers / night

We can only provide accommodation for tent and caravan for participants with daily tickets, but there are several guest houses and hostels near to the Event venue. 

Catering: 4x buffet meal on every day – continental breakfast, lunch, dinner and night snacks.

  • catering fee: HUF 13 000 / person / day

Drinking: refrigerators are in the hotel rooms and you can refill with your own drink. At the area of the event you will find several drinking points and cocktail bars on your own expense.


Other Self-paid Services (Optional): massage, erotic photography, rental of sport areas, tennis lessons and temporary sexshops where you can buy products with special festival discounts.