About the Festival

Are you also excited about the Swinger Festival this summer?!

Save The DATE: 6-10 July 2023! 

Dear friends!

We are thrilled and looking forward to welcome you to the 3rd Swinger Festival in Hungary! 🙂 

Preparations are in full swing, with the promise that your experience will surpass that of previous events even! 

Though we’ll offer plenty of meaningful workshops again, the focus at this next festival is more on the show: the visuals, the spectacle, the music and fun (with lots of sex added, of course. 😉 ). 

We invite you to a real Swinger’s paradise , where sexy swinger natives must be rescued from the onslaught of naughty pirates and hungry pirate girls…

Pool parties till dawn, spectacular decorations, Caribbean dance music, spicy games, hand-picked performers — all this and more to come! 

What we offer again: pre-screening of Festival participants (important!), increased security and discretion, relentless enthusiasm and a ‘can-do attitude’ from organizers and volunteers. An exclusive location awaits in a green environment, a sensual oasis secluded from the rest of the world… all with the aim of creating a truly unique, unrepeatable experience for us all once again. 

Registration is now open to all of you: certain types of accommodation are limited, so the earlier you register, the better spot you’re likely to get according to your needs and desires. 

The location has been chosen to fit the theme: pools hidden in reeds, Caribbean-inspired surroundings away from city noises, massages in elevated tower-parlors, lakeside accommodation, spectacular cocktail bars. Near and far, an exotic wilderness blends with total serenity. 

So will YOU join us?


Feedback from Participants of the 2021 and the 2022 Festival

“Spectacular! The vibe, the ambiance, the freedom to cater to the pleasures of the flesh, mind and spirit in every way imaginable! So much creativity in the visual design and decorations, and so many amazingly informative workshops as well! Can’t wait to come back next year!‘
Lia & Adam (Belgium/Hungary) 


“We had an incredible time, the parties were very unique, and we met amazing people from many countries, some of which only added to the spice of the night, yet some we’re still in touch with. 
A. and S.


 “We participated on the Festival as our first ball. We returned home with a lot of positive experiences. The organizers, performers and guests were very open-minded, kind, and friendly. Thank you for we could be a part of it. We are glad to meet you! ‘
Dóri and Peti

“Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!
See you soon, next year, here again!’
L. and K.

“We can’t find the words yet…… It was divine three days, we didn’t want to go home, either.
Thank You!!”
Réka and Gergő

’Thank you we could be here. We had a lot of fun! We liked the programs, only the BDSM is not our world…’
Adri and Pista

’Whoa, where can we start…. it was our first swinger experience, but not the last….
Thank you so much we could be here and the possibility to have so much experiences. We had no idea such kind of experiences may exist 😊’
Tina and Szabi

’It was one of the most significant experiences in our life! Thank you for this life-long experience! We managed to build wonderful relationships!’
Anita and Robi

’It was one of the most memorable swinger experiences in our life and for sure, it was our best swinger experience, too – and not only from the physical connections perspective, but spiritually as well. Whoever we had a conversation or connected, we just got rich by that. We are grateful to the organizers and participants as well for everything.
See you soon, next year!’
Niki and Dani

’Thank you so much for the experiences, the programs were interesting, the location was perfect, we especially liked the lights. We will come again, sure! 😊’
Lívia and Zoli

’This weekend was a miracle…. Thank you for I could be a part of the birth of something new and breakthrough thing 😊’

’It’s a wonderful initiative from the beginning! Good luck for the continuation!’

’Our life has enriched with life-long experiences, life and approach shaping experiences, knowledge, many of friendships during these 4 days. Thank to everyone who added something to this program! 😊 We cannot wait for the next event!’
R and G

‘Thank you Orsi!!!!!!! It could not have happened without You, your unbreakable enthusiasm, your love of people and your professionalism to organize events!
It’s an other proof that you are in the best place at the head of the Swinger Association, because you have created a festival where everyone (who we had a conversation) had felt well themselves. You have created things that have never been seen before in Hungarian swinger life (e.g. common conversation with the owner of swinger clubs) …
Taking into the consideration swinger festival has never been in Hungary (and not only at Hungary, in Eastern Europe, neither!), and you created it from the nothing, it’s entirely can thank to You!!!!
You are building a community and not only statistics. You are not playing with big words, rather you achieve the real goals. We need You to we can reach a West-European level of quality of the swinger world, and we stay together, not get apart!’
Merci and Peti

“Ah, I loved every moment of these days! I can barely see the monitor today as the memories are spinning in my eyes instead of that….
Thank you so much for working so hard for this. Absolutely for this, how you figured it out. As a person from countryside, we had possibility to go clubs 1-2 times a year, but there we didn’t have the opportunity to get to know others like here. I can’t wait for next year’s event! When can I register????!!!!! 😊”

’It was fantastic! Thank you! Next time!’
Heni and T

’With our zero experience and shy enthusiasm, we jumped into our first swinger experience of our life, WOW, I need to tell, it was the best decision to start here and now at this event!
Thank you for we could be there and be a part of it!!!! 😊’

’Hehe, Orsi, believe it or not…. this kind of event was my one of the biggest wish since my ’childhood’ and I am extremely happy we could participate on the first one in Hungary! The dynamics were so great, even though we only jumped in for one day 😊
Thank you for not fritting away ANYTHING. At dawn, sitting in the jacuzzi, we mused on that just looking around and everything was so beautiful…. the nice designer lights on the trees, the light paintings on the walls, the people cuddling under the heaters 😊 You were all <3 😊 We are waiting with pleasure where the things are developing!’
Laura and Andris

’ I take my non-existent hat! Sure, I will buy one 😊 Organization 5*, Views 5*! To feel the knowledge, humility, the intention to DO! So, keep it up!’

’These four days were fucking good. Be more days next time! It’s different, when we are together not only for one day or one party, indeed more whole days. Everything is more relaxing. It was so nice to spend time with open-minded, kind, and similar sense of people like us 😊 We recharged with energy! We could meet new people and of course met with many of familiar ones. Thank to tantric and self-knowledge programs we also had possibility to get known ourselves better. A bit of retreat from the World is needed! We already miss the love overwhelming the whole thing. So, we are very grateful for your efforts and for the life-long experience!’
Eszti and Csabi

’Erotic photography was my old dream, thank you for making it come true! 😊 Something happened in the BDSM snug that I can still trace today…. So, we had special and fantastic experiences, we met wonderful people and I feel we still have room to improve 😉 Thank you!’

’First of all, CONGRATULATIONS Orsi to the festival! Secondly, we also thank you very much for the invitation we had a possibility to raise the quality of the festival with the Tantra seat, which we made specially for you, the participants. We hope many of you have tried it and had a lot of joy with it! 😊 Thanks again! Let’s have lot of such events!!’

’Orsi, it’s hard to find words for what you and your team have created! We sincerely congratulate and thank you for the fantastic experience, a everlasting memory that these 3 days have given us! We have not even had possibility to participate such a professional and high-quality event! We are conservative parents in everyday life, but here we were so free that we have found ourselves without inhibition on stages several times (G-spot, BDSM, Chippendale), thanks to you and the wonderful atmosphere of the event! We have been under it’s the effect, still! We have found wonderful friends whom we keep in touch till now. Thanks again!!! Please reserve our ticket for the next year!
Ancs and Robi

’We felt fucking good ourselves. It was relaxing to be together open-minded people and not deal with the everyday problems, just ourselves and each other!
At first view, the participation fee was seemed a bit frightening compared with an average swinger party, however, the festival is more than a single party, others did not take this into account. Probably they had a point of view that they could have sex with lower prices with others. My opinion, the ticket did worth the price, and we learned and experienced a lot. If the price of ticket will be the same next year, we are going again!’

’We had a lot of fun. Thank you for organizing! A pleasant and open-minded company had been invited! We went to the beach and had sunbathe – those were very good – but we also would have tried the wellness; we would have liked the sauna or the jacuzzi as well. We really liked the environmental awareness! Were the little red cubes in amount of 500 HUF also decomposing? It so, that is meritorious. 😊 The way, how you organized the event was very enthusiastic and we congratulate all to you; it was a very good weekend, thank you!’
A and K

“Well, Guys, that was great! The organization, the atmosphere, the location…. Thank you to the organizers, the volunteers, the participants the many valuable conversations, exciting presentations, and amazing moments…. uhhh, we will mention it for a long time… We are giving everyone a big high-five and sending hug kisses! 😊’

‘We are glad to be able to jump to the festival for at least a day! Orsi, we raise our hat! It was wonderful, we are waiting the continuation!’
Réka and Lóri

’Thank you to the leaders of the SWLT Association that we had possibility to participate on the Swinger Festival! The high-quality organization, classy, interesting, exciting, eventful programs, the hard-working staff and the great company made the event unforgettable for us!’
Júlia and Robi – Club Intimission