Catering will be provided on the premises, or you can also bring your own food and drinks, as these are not included in entrance tickets. 

You can order meals in advance, in which case we can guarantee the prices below.

Any additional catering orders can only be accepted at the location, and we cannot guarantee these prices for you there.

In the case of a daily meal package, included are: the given day’s dinner, night snacks and the next day’s breakfast.

If you have any food allergies or special dietary restrictions, you can also let us know in the message box on the last page.


Catering at the festival will include: 

(payable on spot by card)

  • Buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner + evening snacks
  • Special dietary requests and vegetarian options
  • Spectacular themed cocktails & shots
  • Ice cream
  • Snacks
  • Barbecue lunch 


Daily meal package            17.000 HUF /person/day

Separate meals

     Breakfast                         4.500 HUF /person/breakfast

     Lunch                               8.500 HUF /person/lunch

     Dinner                              8.500 HUF /person/dinner

     Night snack                     5.500 HUF /person/night snack