We are waiting to see you at the Second Hungarian Swinger Festival!


Due to the number limit, you should register as soon as possible!


Due to the number limit of participation, we advise to register as soon as possible!


Day of 0. : 29 June 9:00 – 30 June 9:00


Daily Ticket: only available for 1 July 2022 Friday and/or 2 July 2022 Saturday!

Of course, both with the whole season ticket and daily ticket as well, you are allowed to join or leave the festival anytime, during the ticket validity period!


Program Plan



Permanent background programs:


– Playgrounds: private hiding places for smaller entanglements, beach lounge and larger arenas with NON-STOP opening hours

– Henna and body painting, party tattoos

– Medical room – counseling on sexually transmitted diseases STD screening and COVID test on site

– Intimate and relaxation massages with login with male and female masseurs

– Wellness park: jacuzzis and pools, sauna house

– Erotic photography

– Beach (several outdoor and indoor pools)

– Outdoor funny giant games

– Sex shop with discounted prices


 Thematic days:

 1. Color day- swingers around the world:

– Swingers and sex culture from around the world

– Body painting

– Swinger resorts and trips, foreign clubs and organizers

– Evening party in all languages ​​of music

– Dresscode: a flood of colors


2. Gray day- BDSM and fetish free after Fifty shades of gray

– Workshops and lectures on fetish and BDSM

– BDSM playground and escape room

– BDSM games according to the principle of gradation in several locations

– Shibari tutorial

– A party for millionaires

– Dresscode: elegance and latex


3. White day- frames of painting

– Giant porn coloring

– UV party

– Foamparty

– Table tennis

– Water polo competition

– Dresscode: white only


4. Black day- worlds of spies and casinos

– Casino

– Spy games

– Role-playing games

– Undressing Quiz

– Champagne challenge

– Dresscode: black only


Stage programs:

 “Talkshow” conversations on stage:


– The world of porn movies – screenplay versus reality – my interlocutors: Monique Covet – sexual therapist, award-winning porn actress and fetish model, Kovi – porn film director and producer, Ádám Horváth – sexual psychologist

– Clubstories – owners of domestic swinger clubs on stage. Domestic club owners tell hilarious or sometimes touching stories from the club world

– Kings of private parties – we introduce domestic private party organizers and talk about how to filter their guests, how to reach them for those who are not yet insiders in our world, about cooperation and plans…

– Open – My conversation partners are open. actors and creators of the film. I ask them about their roles in the film, the process of creation, and their personal connections


Mentors on stage:

SWLT Association Mentors Dissect Different Topics Every Day – Swinger Experiences – Biggest Bucks – Rules and Stumbles


Performances on stage:

– Freedom Fetish – the organizers of the largest Hungarian BDSM-Fetish event present their event and the world, as well as the presentation of sexual psychologist Lilla Saáry: BDSM-Fetish consensus, consent

– Sex addiction – lecture by Gergő Lázár, sexual psychologist, party therapist

– Swingers in the online world – Presentation of online swinger partner search interfaces, recognition and filtering of camouflage profiles, transition to negative experiences

– Relationship Frameworks in Monogamy from Here and Beyond (Performer of the Sex Culture Podcast) and Sandra P.: Animated Film on Nonmonogamy


Sexathlon games for every day:

 The Welcome pack hides a secret box for everyone that contains the accessories and game description for Sexathlon games. Background games and fun challenges await you every day, the winners of which will be rewarded daily with club tickets, SWLT packages, Spicy Match products… etc.


Movement classes at the festival:

– Intimfitness

– Naked yoga

– Akro yoga

– Latin dance education

– Chair Dance Education

– Flexy is Sexy- Essential oil stretches



– 8 DJ

– 3 locations

– Mood enhancing showman

– Lights and design elements

– Diverse musical repertoire



Programs for beginner swingers

Whether you want to spice up an otherwise well-functioning relationship, or just invigorate your slightly deteriorated sex life, the swinging lifestyle is for you. After all: you are here…

It offers freedom, adventure and it can even change both of you — in a good way.

But it’s not easy to open. We’ve been raised against it our entire lives.

If we’re not prepared for it, it will not save anything, in fact it can permanently ruin the relationship.

The most vicious monster to fight is jealousy.

When opening, it is crucial that the couple agrees on the terms, can communicate about every aspect, and that they both feel secure within the relationship.

What we offer here is to create a playground for you to get acquainted and comfortable with this lifestyle: in a safe environment.

A space in which couples can open towards other couples, letting go of each other a little, but still together.

They can meet, play, dance, touch: within agreed rules, dressed, sex-free, with no expectations.


Pre-Play – Judittal: Playful, tactile tuning for the swinger

Kinky Love – János Papp with PJ: The tantric practice that forms the basis of the program is one of the easiest ways to develop a deep heart relationship between two or more strangers, building an intimate space between the practicing partners and the group.

Group massages:

 – György Solymári – Tantras Island Massage program

 – Anett Bordás – Multi-handed massage


Trainings and workshops

 In our Desire and Experience rooms we hold group, interactive programs – in English and Hungarian. The rooms are located next to each other on the first floor

 – Mysteries of amateur porn filmmaking with Monique Covet

 – Mentor Times – every day: swinger conversations with SWLT mentors

 – Yoni and Lingam intimate massage shows

– Poliamoria: PoliLili, Papp János PJ + PoliLove Festival organizer, Andrea Dittera-Balogh and Lilla Saáry roundtable discussion

 – Emotions in swingers – how do I handle it – roundtable discussion with our party therapist

 – Ildikó Gottlieb, Intimate Medical: Powerzone – for men

 – Ildikó Gottlieb, Intimate Medical: Geisha ball workshop for women

 – Eszter Pallagi: Breast-loving lessons

 – Eszter Pallagi: Body-loving lessons

 – János Papp PJ: The levels of our sexuality

 – Gyuri Solymári, Tantra Island: Kundalini Awakening Exercises for Couples

 – Ádám Horváth, sexual psychologist: Communication in swingers

 – Milán Horváth: The quality of touch 8

 – Bori Komáromi, coach: Relieving anxiety – experiencing orgasm

 – Judit Poór, relationship coach: Assertive communication in a relationship


SEX- Battlefields:

– 3 indoor, 1 outdoor hunk

– BDSM space

– Cleanliness and hygiene

 – Sex toys and devices

 – Condoms, lubricants, sheets

Our two indoor battlefields, Ring and Field, are on the second floor, facing each other. Showers are possible in the open rooms next to them (you can also have a private retreat in these rooms)

Our third open playground, the Open space, is also on the second floor – the favorite playground for exhibitionists

Every night in the Ring Room, we “help” start the intimate connection with exciting, sensual games, while the Field Room provides free space for entanglements around the clock.

Condoms, toys and clean sheets are available at all three locations



 Our wellness area with indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna sessions and steam room offers the opportunity to recharge

 Our masseurs are waiting for guests with different types of massages in 3 locations throughout the day

(The service is free of charge)

Opening hours: 14.00 – 4.00

From 22:00, a DJ and cozy lights will make your night out enjoyable


BDSM space

 We are transforming a 60 sqm interior into an exciting playground, which awaits curious swingers as a living room during the day and as a supervised playground in the evening and night.



  • Our outdoor venue is organized around the pools, where the party starts in the morning, cocktails and whatever…
  • The jacuzzis installed near the pools are the setting for relaxation, while the chill spaces under the nomadic tents can also be used for acquaintance, conversation and intimate approach. Here, too, all the accessories are available to achieve fun and safety together
  • Our giant games and the battlefield of our Sexathlon duel are good for lovers of humor and play.



 Taking advantage of the hotel’s facilities, tennis courts, a fitness room and a bowling alley offer opportunities for sports and entertainment, but our programs also include various yoga and dance activities for lovers of movement.


Photo space

 In our indoor, themed photo studio and in our inspiring outdoor spaces, our photographers are waiting for our guests who want to take advantage of the opportunity to take a series of photos.

* The service is free of charge


 Makeup and hair

 For evening parties and photography, you can lie down in our beauty salon – be it makeup or hairstyle to suit the occasion or theme

* The service is free of charge


Medical room

 Not only patient care, but also STD and COVID screening / testing is available in our health room

* The service is free of charge



 In our established sex shop you can buy sexy rags, toys and tools or even SWLT and festival brand products




We reserve the right to change the program !!!